by Ah Holly Fam'ly

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released October 15, 2009



all rights reserved


Ah Holly Fam'ly Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Young Veins
oh my precious young veins
will welcome my blood home
far as it often strays
and as darkness descends
will my breath prefer the fog
fast as it's out of me
and my blood's run away
will its connection to its home
dissolve into disgrace
it's just a stranger's betrayal
et tu, whoever you are?
shadow, as you please
fall on our blank-faced refusal
often bone-bleached by the winds
I can recall those days
and it aches for refrain
but I'm bent down by the knee
just to see how I saw then
I'm sorry for what I threw
over the curve of the earth
pale and all the wind
is just the dying breaths of days
they gather into years and into centuries

rise, you'll never relive those days
or ever regain that time
s'alright though, you would not want to
after all it led you here
fire and light from the dying day
be drowned by the rising waves
Track Name: All Unfolding
a traffic ticket
the tick-tock of it all
by the time this is resolved
I'll have been so busy
picking burrs off of my clothes
there's no need to pick it
the flower will fall from the bough
no need to button-hole it
don't vase it, face up to it
it's never really ever going to fit very well
by any place besides the bough
never really ever going to fit very well
by any side besides its own
all unfolding
sure, it will shrivel, shed its pedals
all unfolding
best let bloom nonetheless
all unfolding
I bet you could not guess the rest though
all unfolding
oh bother oh burden oh burred bough
give it up for the moonlight (oh yeah)
give it up for a day like
give it for the burred bough
and this thistleless finger
Track Name: Year of the Viking
I saw you at the end
when your rain of rust arrived
when copper colors
sparkled in the slits of your shoes
I knew you were ashamed
rode alone into the night
but we didn't care
if you wore a wound or no wound
think of this
you were of earth
when our posture was still simple
when my hair was still cut straight
across my ankles
speck of serpent ship arises
over the horizon
by fossilized light
I can recall the times when
your charm-chain wore thin

we went away in the year of the viking
I have sewn the surgery
don't concern yourself with our burden
we hear you sing of meadows,
meta-sentimental reservoirs
those days are gone
there are no shores which are not yet carved
Track Name: Army of Light / Honeymoon
open your eyes
and an army of light
marches in through the arch
and slaughters the darkness
they're miming a gag
mock-cocking a revolver
a shrug of disgust
caustic, sarcastic laughter

so I close my eyes
and drift off to a different place
when we woke to sea steam
rising us high up above days that disgraced us
when the heated evening thunder
dissolves their rod of operation
and their torch of correction
is doused out in the ocean for good

we loved the breeze by
the fragrant southern shore
when we wore the mangled shade of palms
the corral colony
the steam at dawn
the muted drudgery's triumphant warmth
our honey colored moon lay low
on hum click birds
kissing hibiscus bells
Track Name: Stranger Maker
Blow ogre cloud
bring goblin wind
the howl of yonder friend
as brother begins to sing
cloud chorus join in with him
if the stranger maker came
and made us strangers once again
and we forgot all we know
I know paw prints in the snow
glow gold
if you feel my fangs tuck into your skin
or you feel cold
or your brother is not at home
hear me sing the cloud's part
as I cough up a moth
you may float up my sigh
brotherly butterfly
better off on the forest floor
than to thunder above the thorns
when I hear you howl
rise pheasant, rise grouse
the nag knows the stallion well
I suppose
that holy ghost is only
ah holly gust of wind
Track Name: Lucky Peak
I was born by here
Beverlying by the lock
Kating down the wind-blown cove
we rode coffins
like cool surf boards up the steam
the reservoir drank three feet
lie behind the hatchery
she is quietly try to swim
to me beneath wake when
I lie back and close my eyes
polly-wogging for a handful
Briesing from the precipii
up high, up high
I can drink and breath the reservoir landscape
and the ringing where the wake subsides
don't curse in the canyon
we were sandled against the sand
summered beneath eagled dam
Track Name: Lonliest City
what's the lonliest city
spin a globe arond
put your finger down
and it's there
or where a dart lands
on a map of the world
in what region are folks lonliest the most
on what coast do ghosts go to be alone
when they don't want to haunt no one
nothing at all
it's called the break of day
the labor's re-divided
okay, go stoke a flame
but leave its glow at home
glowering with no one to warm
retro-colonial strawberry roan
or blue if you choose
or perhaps a dancing stallion
makes Pangean pan-pipes
play tunes old
we recall its shape through song
we brought these beasts across the sea
while celebrating sex with mermaids
we would marry fish if we could
we would re-marry every shore
with our old and lonely flag

yeah, I'm talking to all you people in Antartica
the Tropics aren't above you (naw)
I bet you know what I mean
Track Name: Salt of the Century
though the forest betrayed me
I still expect I hear you huff and howl
out the song of the shade
in the woods I knew well
and if I hear even one twig snap
I'll know your hoof has betrayed you
song of the centaur is ringing from hell
and the salt of the century flavored so well
a crown of holly will not remove the taste
when I'm near the needle trees tremble
my foot falling scatters a family of deer
deck the halls with the things I shook from my hair
where I went to be wild's where I left to make songs

so to get a rise out of the sun
I wake up
and it's me who sings the moon to sleep
and makes the branches stop clattering
and the dead die again
and it's you who looks grey and blue
the horse half of you
is blacked out by the shade
and my hive from the ivy lights up
Track Name: Rainstick
At night time a screech owl swoops down
and raises my heart from chest
a fish plucked from the water
that fast
random people in their cars
see my heart
rise in lights
flash over the highway
clouds cover the moon
I loose sight of lights from the town
settle into the dessert
the day's done
the town's stirred the fire
old shadows slip out of the silos
train whistles worship the distance
the brush rattling brings my old friends
coals bruise under the wind
weeds tumble into the moonlight
motes rise from
pried open
sarcophagi right when my eyes close
my buddies all tumble and swirl
and regain their place by my side
thick as thieves, thinner than fog now
in the morning an eagle swoops down
and puts my heart in its place
amber gris to waves returned
the doom always resumes then
that fast
Track Name: Gliders
from up high I still see light from other days
amber waves of ashes all are taken by the wind
gliders glide the
one and five mile mighty reservoirs
the gliders miles over the adjoining river's wind
lay late day shadows down as dusk decays
into night time
gliders go